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Backed by competent personnel, we manufacture and offer a comprehensive range of conveyor systems that encompasses Bucket Elevator, Chain Conveyor, Screw Conveyor, Belt Conveyors, Redler Chain Conveyor and more. Our range of conveyor systems is widely appreciated for their trouble free operation and efficiency. All these machines features simple structure, low power consumption and low investment cost. We ensure safe and hassle free delivery of the consignment.

Bucket Elevator

Bucket ElevatorDraton bucket elevators are manufactured in chain and belt types in open, swiveling and continues types in its been manufactured in inclined and vertical position and Z type position. These are generally used in quarry where the cost of material is less, in this bucket elevator buckets are mounted on belt. One Drive pulley on top & one take-up pulley at bottom are fitted. The discharge is of continuous type. Drive unit consists of motor / reduction gear box & drive sprockets.


Chain Conveyor

Chain ConveyorDraton chain conveyors are manufactured of various type i.e. Apron, Slat, U, Drag and Redler chain types to convey material in horizontal inclined and Vertical position. The chain type conveyor is available in various sizes of width from 200 mm to 2000 mm width. Chains read in double strands generally. Conveyor is closed from all sides and "Drag Plate" is fixed in between two rows of chains running parallel to each other. This type of conveyor is useful to carry flexible material, sugarcanes, bamboo chips etc.

M.O.C.:Generally Used M.S.

Screw Conveyor

Screw ConveyorDraton Screw conveyors are manufactured up to 1500 mm Dia screw manufactured in MS and stainless and steel material in horizontal, inclined and vertical position. Draton manufactured jacketed screw conveyor to maintain temperature inside the conveyor.

Application : Sugar, Cement, Fertilizer, Chemicals, Food, Agro Chemicals and Breweries.

This type of conveyors are available in 150mm Dia. to 400mm Dia. Jacket arrangement is to be given for maintaining temperature inside the S.C.(Hot or Cold).

M.O.C.:Depend upon characteristic of material S.S. or M.S.

Belt Conveyors

Belt ConveyorsDraton belt conveyor are manufactured in different width from 100 mm to 1800 mm width and in different types such as trough, flat, inclined portable and movable to suit customer applications.

Applications : Cement, Steel, sugar, Mining, Construction, Paper and Pulp, Pharma and other light and heavy Engineering Industries.

To be Used For:
Single Objects like - Cartoons, Boxes, Bags, Cans having flat bottoms etc.

Width of Belt:Depend upon weight of objects

No. of Ply & Thickness of Belt:Depend upon weight of objects

Position:Horizontal, Slightly inclined less than 20 Degree

B.C. consist of:
  • Drive Pulley (Rubber Lagging)
  • Take-up Pulley
  • Snub Pulley
  • Carrying Idlers
  • Return Idlers
  • Drive Unit
  • Supporting Structure

  • Redler Chain Conveyor

    Redler Chain ConveyorDraton conveyor are manufactured of various i.e. Apron, Slat, U drag, and redler chain types of conveyor material in horizontal inclined and vertical position.

    This is known as 'En Mass' Conveyor. This is closed from all sides except inlet & outlet available in horizontal, inclined & vertical position. Chain with typical attachment is to be used in this conveyor.

    M.O.C.:M.S. / SS 304 / SS 316

    Capacity:Can be achieved from 500 kg to 10 tons

    Wire Mesh Conveyor

    Wire MeshDraton wire mesh conveyors are used as wire type woven belt using cross at certain distance to have more rigidity in different wire gauges, In MS Galvanised and stainless steel wire and also Honey comb belt manufactured out of S.S and M.S. material.

    Application : Annealing, Healing, Baking, Drying ,Washing, Dehydrating and Cooling.

    Wire mesh conveyors are also widely used to transport piece goods & lump materials through Annealing, Heating, Backing & Drying furnaces with a temperature of up to 1000 Degree C as mobile hearth for the baking of bread & confectionery & also for washing, dehydrating, cooling, sizing & similar operations

    Wire mesh conveyors of various design and type are used in belt conveyor. This belt is assembled of separate flat wire spirals. Alternately right-hand & left-hand, woven & joint by means of rods. Wire mesh belts are made flat or with edges, usually 90 to 100mm high. Through flexible longitudinally, the rods make the wire mesh belt rigid in the transverse direction & prevent it from troughing on multiple roller idlers.

    Wire mesh used for various branches of industry for carrying materials through processing steps.


    Roller Conveyor

    Roller Conveyor
    Draton roller conveyor manufactured in gravity and powerised type in inclined and horizontal position manufactured out of MS, SS and Plastic roller for heavy and light application.

    Application : Packaging, light and heavy engineering.

    To carry boxes of 4 to 6 tons weight. Roller Dia. & pitch depend upon size & weight of boxes. We use precision bearing in rollers with greasing arrangement.

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